Thursday, November 12, 2009

Robin Hood Complete Season 1-2-3 [120mb]


Robin, Earl of Huntingdon, has returned home from the Holy Wars under orders from King Richard,
to recuperate from injuries sustained in battle. He soon finds that the real battle for England
needs to be fought against the Sheriff and his excessive taxation and corrupt administration.
Along with an assortment of Outlaws, he outwits the Sheriff and his right hand man Guy of
Gisbourne as he fights for the safety of the people of Nottingham.

Season 1
Will You Tolerate This?
Sheriff Got Your Tongue?
Who Shot the Sheriff?
Parent Hood
Turk Flu
The Tax Man Cometh
Brothers in Arms
Tattoo? What Tattoo?
A Thing or Two About Loyalty
Peace? Off!
Dead Man Walking
The Return of the King
A Clue: No

================================================== =

Season 2

Booby and the Beast
The Angel of Death
Ducking and Diving
For England...!
Show Me the Money
Get Carter!
Lardner's Ring
Treasure of the Nation
A Good Day to Die
We Are Robin Hood
Season 1- 2 -3


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